Sunday, July 6, 2008

All in a Daze Work

It is the start of day 22, and on this Sunday morning, 3 full weeks of running, have taken place here at the 3100 mile race. If he has a good day, and things go well, Asprihanal will pass the magical half way point.

My heart
was born
for God Satisfaction
Guru Sri Chinmoy

I had been wanting for some time to make a unique movie that showed the pace and intensity of the race. Once I heard "Play," by Parichayaka, I knew I had the soundtrack that would help me tell the story.

Abichal did 47 miles yesterday. We are having a discussion here, about the internet, and not about anything meaningful, like long distance running.
Ananda Lahari seems to have rebounded well from his shin splints. He had 61 miles, and says the cure for him came from a homeopathic remedy given to him by Meghabhuti.

Smarana had another solid day yesterday, with 63 miles, but he saw his 3rd place spot, slip under the hard charging feet of Pranab, who ran 68. Number 1 Asprihanal and Number 2, Grahak also ran 68 miles a piece.

A car's engine is smoking next to the course. These men are just curious, they do not own the car, or know the owner. When the smoke clears they walk away. Lots of little things happen around the course of the race. Yesterday, a big branch came crashing down from one of the trees. If anything happens here, someone will notice.

Christopher has just had a session with Ara, who is chiropractor/healer, who comes to the race 3 times a week. He tells me that his spiritual name is Gaurish and that he first started to help at the race, near the end, last year.

Christopher tells me that Ara fixes his spine and does energy work on him. He tells me that, " he is good for you, he cracked me." This referring to the adjustments that he can sometimes do, up and down the whole spinal column. Asprihanal passes by and he tells me that he doesn't need much work himself, but every once in a while, " he cracks my neck bones, that is very good."

Ara (Gaurish) regularly goes to Annam Bhrama restaurant and has been familiar with the Sri Chinmoy center for some time. He said that he feels that it is important for his spiritual growth to do mission work. To serve people through his belief and practice of Karma Yoga. He says that on 3 occasions he volunteered to help with healing in Serbia. He first went in 2005, then in 2007, and then again this Spring.

He tells me that for this years race he tries to come 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He said however, that yesterday an inspiration came to him to come today, so that is why he is here on Sunday.

He is quiet and gentle and you can see that he relishes this contribution, that he is able to give the runners. It seems to be part and parcel of his make up, on all levels. He is very devout in his practice of Karma Yoga. He says for him, it is all about Love and Service. The runners truly appreciates his offering.

He says, in his regular practice, he can work on people at a more leisurely pace. That he can spend 40 minutes working on his patients, paying attention, to not just the physical, but the mental, emotional, and the spiritual. Here he is lucky to have 3 to 5 minutes. "Ten minutes tops," he says.

He is inspired by the runners and the experience they are all going through. He says of them, "this is a unique experience." He describes how every little thing that comes up from within, they have to transcend. And, over the course of the long race, "it will come up."
He describes the importance of the runners being in a good mood. He says when they are positive, "what is limiting, doesn't limit them any more." Consequently if they are down, than it is much harder to transcend and make progress.

He is all admiration for the runners and their capacity to take on such a huge challenge. He calls the 3100 mile race, "A beautiful opportunity to break through barriers, and see what's inside."

Selfless service means thinking

Not of your little self

But of your largest Self, the Supreme.

Selfless service is undoubtedly

The great, greater and greatest opportunity

To make the fastest progress.

Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 74 by Sri Chinmoy


Anonymous said...

Utpal this simple a professinal clip.


Anonymous said...

To post every day a command is easy,
provided no one else has any objection. To say the truth I find the video fantastic. In years to come
this video will get the first place.
It shows clearly that the runners are all protected from a very special divine aura or atmospheric collective self-transcendence that unites them inside a divine circle, that belongs only to them at the moment. but later the whole world will get the inspiration from it.