Saturday, July 16, 2011

Parade April 1986 pt 1

Keep your heart's purity
And your mind's simplicity
At the head of your life-parade.

If you want God
To broadcast your achievements,
Then you must never allow your mind
To resort to self-parade.

A life of aspiration
Is not a parade
Of possibilities
But a concert
Of inevitabilities.

Leading my life's parade
Slow and long,
My Lord goes, singing His

Parade April 1986 pt 2

Happiness: My Dream-Fulfilled Reality

Happiness, happiness, happiness!
The human in me speaks: "Happiness is somewhere else. Happiness is in something or in somebody else. Happiness is not in me. Happiness is not of me. Happiness is not for me. Happiness is a never-blossoming dream."

The divine in me speaks: "Happiness is everywhere. Happiness is in everything and in everybody. Happiness is in me. Happiness is of me. Happiness is for me. Happiness is my dream-fulfilled reality."
The Absolute Supreme in me speaks: "From happiness we all came into existence. In happiness we grow. At the end of our journey's close, into the infinite Happiness we retire."
Happiness is usefulness. When I am useful to God the

Creator and God the creation, my inner being is inundated with happiness.

When my inner life is full of surrender and when my inner heart is full of g ratitude, my outer life becomes transformed and perfect. With the transformation and perfection of my outer life, I grow into a sea of peace,which is all happiness.
If I want to be sleeplessly and ceaselessly happy, then I must not carry with me yesterday's unnecessary burdens and tomorrow's imaginary burdens. I must grow and glow, glow and grow, only in the immediacy of today.

Every day I must run away from my self-centred prison cell and speedily enter into God's oneness world-centred Kingdom where Infinity's Peace, Infinity's Light and Infinity's Happiness reign supreme.
There is only one question which is of supreme importance and that question is: "Who am I?" This question itself embodies happiness. Needless to say, the immediate answer also embodies happiness in boundless measure: "I am of God's birthless and deathless Vision, and I am for
God's ever-expanding manifestation here on earth."
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
13 May 1989

Excerpt from My Heart's Peace-Offering by Sri Chinmoy.