Sunday, June 15, 2008

And So It Begins

It was a perfect June morning when the 3100 mile race began in New York today. This is the 12th summer that this race has been held here. Now, it will be the first, without the presence of our beloved marathon team founder, Sri Chinmoy. In so many ways, he will be missed, by all those who continue to run, to transcend themselves, and also in those, who help to carry out his vision of inspiring the world, in so many ways.

Abichal and Pranab




Pranjal and Grahak


Lahari and Petr




...If we feel that there is any difference between the inner life and outer life, then we shall always be failures. There should be no difference......outside we have to take as the obverse and reverse of the same coin. A coin has two sides, but no matter which side you are looking at, the coin has the......what qualities do you need to bring forward from your inner life while you are running? The first one is enthusiasm. Who embodies enthusiasm? A little to two, two to three, three to four and so on. The mind tries to go to the destination by cutting, cutting, cutting. But the heart tries to see and feel...
From Run And Smile, Smile And Run by Sri Chinmoy. Published in 2000 by Agni Press


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!! Thanks Utpal, very inspiring. Great to see everything coming together and the beginning of yet another awe inspiring foot race.

Hayden, NZ

Anonymous said...

Very touching video. Having done the race, the video supplies the visuals, and invokes the smells, the tastes, the feelings, the joys, and the hardships of the event. Sri Chinmoy once called New York City the "capital of the world". Where else should this race of races take place?

I was asked recently why I wasn't doing the race this year. I answered quite truthfully that I didn't have the money, and hadn't done the training, but, despite these excuses being quite serviceable, they also seem as flimsy as balsa wood! I guess I shall have to be content with running through a couple of thousand kilometres of desert and wilderness on the Australian World Harmony Run.