Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shooting Hoops April 1986

A circus was held, every April and August during the celebrations, in New York. This video was shot during the circus, in April of 1986.
Basketball was not Sri Chinmoy's sport, but he loved all sports and games nonetheless. One of the performances during the circus that year, was having some of the young boys shooting hoops.
Here, he comes out and joins in the fun. For his own amusement, and to the delight of all who watched from the stands.

"Sport means joy. Sport means delight, inner delight. You know that we came from delight, we grow in delight and at the end of our journey’s close we enter into delight once again. The greatest gift of art is joy, and joy is the revelation of sport. They go together. But if you achieve joy through art, the joy is different. There the joy is coming in the mental and vital plane, whereas if you achieve joy through sport, it is coming on the physical and vital plane. But the
goal of art and the goal of sport are the same. Both embody the same ultimate goal and have the same goal. Inside art is greatest joy and inside sport is greatest joy."

Excerpt from Art's Life And The Soul's Light by Sri Chinmoy

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Anonymous said...

Basketball video is priceless. Proof that long ago Bishwas was shorter than both Durdam and I!