Monday, May 5, 2008

A Walk in the Park

They put up this new sign by my local park not too long ago. The official name of the park is Captain Tilly, but most folks around here know it as Goose Pond park, and for good reason.

There is a very good historical reason to call it Captain Tilly of course, because long ago the land around here was owned by the Tilly family. Cpt. George Tilly was just 36 when he was killed while serving in the Philippines in 1899. His mission was to take some men to a small island and fix the telegraph there. He was told that the natives there were peaceful but just don't wear your uniform when you go. The local folks, he was told, just plain don't like men in uniform.

Well I guess he was a little proud, and a lot head strong, and went there anyway with his men, in uniform. Sure enough the folks there got upset. Things were said, guns were fired, and Captain Tilly tried to get out of there as fast as he could. The trouble was, that some of the men panicked. They got in the boat, and started to row from shore, as fast as they could, before everyone was on board. Captain Tilly and a few men, therefore had to swim for it. Captain Tilly was the only one who did not make it.
The park is looking pretty good these days, except for the lamp on the corner. Back in April on a foggy day it looked mysterious and nice. Today the shade is busted, but I guess and hope it still lights up at night.

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There are lots of geese in Goose pond park and I thought you might like to meet some of the folks who live and wander through.

Can't a guy get some sleep around here

Goose pond Smoose pond what about us pigeons

How do you like the family?

So you took ballet and can stand on one leg....your a goose for crying out loud.

You talkin ta me!

Trick or treat

Palak and his family are enjoying the park today. Or at least I hope they are. His folks says Palak enjoys the park, but it looks like he just might like a nap.

Johnny come back to me. I didn't mean to call your momma and big fat duck

The Geese may rule the roost most of the time. A young pit bull has his own ideas as to whose boss.

Tony seems to like the squirrels off in the woods, more than the geese. It just might be a fur over feather thing. He is obviously a stylish guy and has a peanut in his hand to give the first available nut chomper.

I guess you know now why we call it Goose pond park. No offense to the good Captain

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Anonymous said...

Dear Utpal
Here we are at the starting point. When I go running, this is the first park, then to Cunningham Park
then the bicycle trail to the Park there, then up to the Farrockaway Shopping center, on the way you pass a nice Convent with a big white Maria statute, always I wanted to go there and ask if I can visit it, but with the running close I never dared. All I know is that it belongs to the City of New York.