Thursday, May 8, 2008

Across the Runiverse

This is not something new. In fact it is a few years old but I am sure many have not seen this particular film, on an earlier Self Transcendence race. I put the link here, but on You tube there are problems with the opening. I thought I would show you how it looked originally without blemishes.

It is just a day in the life of the race. I was there at dawn and there at sunset. Of course it cannot tell the whole story like an interview, but it can and does show the joy of all those who participated in this monumental event.

Across the Runiverse

Four Universes

What is really huge?

Material universe.

What is really powerful?

Spiritual universe.

What is always in the Goal?


What is always the Goal?

Transcending universe.

by Sri Chinmoy

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