Saturday, May 10, 2008

See the Pyramids along the Nile

We arrived in Egypt with absolutely no preparation and wanted to have a World Harmony run event there. By some incredible stroke of good luck, or perhaps fate, we met the General Manager of the Egyptian Athletic Federation, Hussien Fahmi.

He made everything possible. His receptivity and generosity were more precious to us than any of the antiquities or treasures that this wondrous nation has to offer.

We went to Luxor and had a fantastic time with the kids from the Barat youth center.

On the second day in Luxor we met with some of the kids at the temple of Karnak, near their training ground, and had a short run with them.

Here we learned, as much if not more from them, as they learned from us, about the far off places we came from.

Before leaving Egypt for Tunisia we had a few brief hours at the Pyramids in Cairo. It is a place, where it feels like the citizens of the world converge, in order to honor the glories of the ancient past. We hope that the World Harmony run helps, in some way, to make the future every brighter. That an ever increasing dream of peace is born anew, throughout the length and breadth, of this world we all share.

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