Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Money Power

There has been lots in the news recently, about how poorly the US Dollar is doing, compared to other world currencies.

At the beginning of March I went to Egypt via Zurich and for fun, thought I would see what a dollar could buy.

click on the link above to go to Youtube.


You must know

What you can buy


What you cannot buy

With your money-power.

With your money-power

You can buy physical strength,

You can buy vital strength,

You can buy mental strength.


You cannot buy psychic strength.

What is psychic strength?

Love, Infinity's Love.

Oneness, Eternity's Oneness.

by Sri Chinmoy


Priyadarshan said...

Simply delightful.

Anonymous said...

awesome video man - Benoir

Anonymous said...

i liked it very much. simple idea but still so great a true this days. it is unbelievable what you can create with small photo camera. story is interesting video looks good
go on Rasto

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable video and nice story.