Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Away From Home

It has become my home away from home, and though I do not get there too often, the Parkhouse in Goderich is a place in which my heart often seeks refuge from time to time. My body and mind may be firmly planted in the hectic urban terrain which is New York city, but up there, in the quiet frozen expanse which is Canada, my brother's house seems to often draw my thoughts, though my visits come less often.

Of course this is the frozen month of December, when even the great bustling expanse of New York has its share of ice and snow. But maybe the folks, huddled on the eastern shore of Lake Huron understand the winter just a little more. The winds blow across the lake almost tirelessly and for those on its edge the winter is generously abundant with its gifts.

I am far from the first to call the Park House a Home away from Home. It has seen a long history of those who have taken off their hats and rested temporarily under its roof. It has been around since the 1830's and has been known as the grand residence of town, and then a bank, and then became an inn. Now beside being a home to my brother and his wife it is a popular restaurant.

For those who did not stay under its roof perhaps they looked forward to pitching a tent out back.

But why most came of course was to be embraced by the joys of summer. To sit upon the beach and stare out across what had to appear as a limitless expanse of Lake that hinted, but could not reveal Michigan just over the horizon.

There is no mistake who is the current owner and proprietor these days. But perhaps the real King of the homestead is its newest resident. A 15 pound hairy bundle called Moose.

Right now nature is very much at rest around the grounds of the house.

It wasnt too long ago that there was a prize winning garden that seemed to match the cheer and warmth of those who lived and worked inside.

There is still charm to be found of course. You just have to look a little harder. Keep warm, tread cautiously but always look close. Do not just see the ice and snow, look at what lies beneath as well.

It is a place though in which things can quickly change. A cold December morning can in an instant become a snowy bitter day. One in which retreat inside, is the only answer. Find escape from winter's wrath and seek shelter within.


Fear is a home

Far away from God.

Love is a home

Far away from man.

Realisation is a home

Far away from Heaven.

Perfection is a home

Far away from earth.

Excerpt from The Wings Of Light, Part 16 by Sri Chinmoy.


Moni Blazej Neradilek said...

Hi Utpal,
it was a joy to read your lyrical post after what seems a while. It always warms up the heart ... and more now in the cold winter. Blazej

Pavitrata said...

Yes, very enjoyable reading, and great pix! Makes me want to be there! Tell us more about Moose!