Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goose Pond in Winter

I went out to Goose Pond park early this morning and found it to be a quiet and almost forlorn place at this time of the winter. There are certainly no Geese or ducks here because the surface of the pond is frozen. The only animals you see here now are people walking their dogs. I even saw the pitbull who I videoed chasing geese last spring. He ran back and forth like he was in some kind of frantic one dog olympics. I couldn't imagine what he must be like inside his home with so much energy. I just wished I could have gotten a little closer to take his picture.

With the dawn sun glistening so bright it is hard not to find some beauty. Jamaica High school always seems so inspiring. It looks so beautiful to me from the outside though I have never been inspired to see what it is like inside. I prefer most schools from a safe distance.

There is an apartment building at the edge of the park that always reflects so beautifully the rising sun. I wonder what it mus be like to live there and be greeted just a little earlier by its radiance than those who live in dark homes below. I suppose the people on the other side of the building may be just as glad to see it set. Which side of the building would you choose?

I have seen this tree with its funny shaped branch so many times. Yet each time I come across it I am surprised. It takes me a while to realize how odd it is, that a big limb of a tree grows out straight then tilts down and then up again. I realize that even if I go again to the park tomorrow I will still be pleasantly surprised. Maybe I like to be eternally surprised by nature's wonders.

There is no mistaking that the ice of the pond is too thin to walk on. The parks people are really good about signs. But it doesn't take much imagination to picture the kids in the neighborhood hoping and praying it keeps cold enough so that they can slide out into the middle where only the Geese can go.
At this time of a cold morning most people walk pretty quickly through the park. All on their way to someplace important and certainly warmer than ice cold goose pond park.

The only exception was Solomon and his Dad who was playing in the playground. I asked Mathew if he came here often, and he told me, "Solomon and I come most every day." I thought they must have a pretty good thermostat in their bodies because it was just around freezing and neither had any gloves on. I was glad that somebody was enjoying the park this morning, even if it was a Goose free zone. Solomon's Dad told me to, "Have a blessed day." I told them, "amen to that," as I walked away.


The pond cries

For the Power of the sea.

The river runs

For the Light of the sea.

The sea sighs

For the Light within.

Excerpt from The Wings Of Light, Part 5 by Sri Chinmoy.

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Anonymous said...

I work at Jamaica High School and like to walk in the park to meditate about nature. There is a totally different feel inside the building. It is a city school with good qualities and bad qualities.