Monday, February 9, 2015

Wedding Season

It is the time of weddings in India.  Or at least the time of Hindu weddings.  We are told that the season is over by the end of February.  Then during the month of March Muslims traditionally get married.

We were driving down the road in Agra at night.  The bright pool of lights in the distance surprised us as it is mostly very dark on the outskirts of the city where we are staying.

The road is narrow and traffic has to drive carefully around the wedding procession.  Which besides lights has a band and people dance who dance happily in front of the groom riding a horse.

There are many many men employed to carry the lights and the other structures.

It is loud and chaotic and a few in the wedding party actually look like they are enjoying themselves.

In a short space on the road we will see 2 different groups of wedding celebrants.  Each with their own bands and decorations.  In each a groom rides a horse and people dance in front of him to the loud music. 

Both groups head towards fancy hotels, where the festivities take place over several days.

The band enjoys themselves.

Nobody is destined
To be perpetually wedded
To doubt and suspicion.
Indeed, it is a matter
Of personal choice:
Doubt or faith! 

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