Wednesday, February 12, 2014

There Are Places

There are places here in Pondicherry that carry a special meaning.

Time and weather may not have treated them well but they still remind us of when our teacher walked here many years ago.  This lady used to pour water into the pond but a storm took away her right arm. Yet she still smiles.

Perhaps remembering an encounter here so many years ago....January 1995

Where he worked as a young man

Where he even washed dishes and enjoyed doing so.

This was the center of his world.

Here, in one of these 2 buildings he lived for 18 years.

Sanjaya has a map and we follow it round and about the small town while the light remains.

It is a hot and sleepy afternoon.

We take our time

The moon is getting larger.

Something has drawn on us to this place.  Something you can see and yet very much that you cannot.

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