Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In Chennai India Begins

In Chennai our adventure in India begins.  I travel with 2 English friends and we move through the city at a gentle pace.

Our first stop is the Government Museum but this no ordinary museum

In the displays are sacred sculptures thousands of years old.

There is no way a photo can convey the beauty and peace that they embody.

They are all many thousands of years old.  The oldest from the 11th century.  Each has been viewed and prayed to by devotees countless times. I feel something happening here within myself that I cannot described.  I am deeply moved.

Now the tourists drift around and about them but the images continue to stand and gaze and offer what they have.  Both what the artists put into them many years ago and also the devotion that has entered into them as well.  They continually stand and gaze out, oblivious to the temporary outer world that exists about them.

There are guards but who knows the value of such precious objects.

There are several other buildings here but we only to see the bronze statues

We have paid 200 rupees and of course the locals can get in for 15 and the dogs wander or sleep where they please.

Commercial things take place close by.  A store that claims to be super but has only 3 bottles of water left on the shelf.

Our goal for the next week is not unlike this one.

This is a place where anything can happen

We have hired a car for the day, Prasad our guide.

We go to quite a few places including and old English Cathedral.

We come across a wedding in another church

It is hot in Chennai but still comfortable at this time of year

Nearby the band is waiting to play.

Everyday life so varied.

Things most certainly you only see here

Looks perhaps one sees everywhere

Yet bureaucrats and business is not our interest.

Outside the world is sometimes grim

But there is always more than meets the eye

Inside the great Shiva temple a lady paints upon the ground.

Her work nearly done.  Soon footsteps will wipe its beauty away.

The temple opened at 4.  The devoted have come

The priest listens and offers blessings

This is the main Shiva temple of Chennai.

Each side of the temple has a different aspect of the God.

There are different priests

The flower sellers making offerings

A job that is simple but sweet.

Each has something to do.

Each of us traveling forwards, always towards transformation.

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