Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Day

There are a tiny number of these rare photographs.  Ones that show Sri Chinmoy back visiting in this world from whence he came.  A place he lived for more than 20 years at least.

My challenge today was to try and retrace his steps back to the places where I knew the pictures were taken..January 1995

Magic mountain is in one corner of the little park.  The railing is long gone but when you walk your way to the top you can see just how much simple fun it is to do.

Matching the tree photo proves more difficult to place than I imagined.

It is possible that this might have been the place a little earlier in the afternoon.

The ashram opened at 10 for visitors and we went

You cannot take pictures inside so it was a chance just to feel peace .

There are many interesting aspects of the ashram

Looking up you can see the windows and balconies of the exalted ones.

Things moving at their own pace or not at all.

The sounds of a sleepy town all around

With the heat nothing moves too fast

Down by sea a film or a music video was being shot.

The man on the right is telling me to get out of his shot.  Ahead of me there are dancers and music blares.

My friends are not too well just yet so we share a tuk tuk at one point in the day.

I am a little concerned as we have another long drive tomorrow. Our driver stops for gas along the way.

The French remained here until 1953.  A lot of their culture remains

Somethings fading though, or simply gone.

The school kids looking French, probably from the Ashram school.

And of course it is a good idea to drive safely.  Humpty Dumpty knows how hard it is to be reassembled.

At mid day even the shopkeepers can be asleep.

Of course I did not raid the candy jar.  Though I noticed that even kids behind bars can get ice cream

Boys can always find ways to be happy.

But today my search was complete when I walked down this road.

A place in which nobody named Chinmoy no longer lives

It is another day.  The past overtaken by the present.  But today at least my quest has gone full circle.  My tiny goals reached.

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