Friday, March 7, 2008

The Search for a Beginning

We sometimes, in our search to analyze things, hope to find an event, that signals a new beginning in our lives. Perhaps even a change in direction.

Our mind may attach itself to a specific event, that demonstrates, that now , we are taking a another journey on a new path.

Most likely, if we were to truly examine our life, we would simply discover, that our journey has been, and always will be, just one eternal path.

Fortunately, from time to time, as we travel life's road, we are able to lift up our heads and look out at what is happening in and around us. It has always been there, just that we haven't been able to see it before.

We are surprised by this evolving reality and because we have been able to notice a a tiny fragment of life as it passes by, we exclaim, "O yes, this is something new in our lives."

In this picture I am at Kennedy airport, about to leave for Cairo. Armando here is one of those special people we sometimes meet along the way. He was not in a rush and he was not business like, he was just being a good and caring person. I asked if I could take his picture, and without hesitation he said yes. The smile on his face, I believe, is there most days, and I expect with most other air travelers, who rush up to his window with bags and problems, hoping to escape.

He patiently told me about his love for cameras, and wanted to see mine. He said he had owned many, and though not a professional, once loved to take pictures. He envied I think a little bit my trip to Cairo, and the chance to explore and record my journey.

It was just a nice and pleasant encounter. Before I left he asked, if he could take my picture as well.

Of course I could not refuse. He was proud of this shot. Maybe not of my mugging portrait in particular, but of the American Airlines sign in the background. He handed the camera back to me and said. "This is a nice picture."

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