Thursday, July 3, 2008

Black and White

It is Friday morning the beginning of day 19.

To think of God is good
To pray to God is better

To surrender to God's will
is by far the best

Guru Sri Chinmoy

Asprihanal ran another day, with more than 70 miles. By Monday night he could be half way there.

Ananda Lahari if he runs 54 miles today will at last be over 1000 miles. He ran 47 yesterday.

Suprabha completed her first 1000 miles yesterday.

Pavol is improving and had his first day over 50 miles since day 7. He could get his thousand miles today.

Petr had a strong day yesterday, nearly 65 miles.

Christopher started the day with 1005 miles.

Pranab is slowing moving back up the board. He is now moved up to 4th place from 6th. He ran the second highest mileage yesterday.

Sopan is moving with pain but still managed more than 50 miles yesterday.

Stutisheel is moving strong and had another day of more than 65 miles.

Grahak, the man from down under has been a model of consistency. He is number 2 on the board.

Abichal went home last night with 1004 miles.

Diganta ran 60 miles yesterday.

Smarana is number 3 on the big board.

Pranjal is bottom of the picture totem but in 6th place on the board that counts,


Don't be fooled

By the tempting face

Of beauty.

Don't be discouraged

By the demanding face

Of duty.

Don't be frightened

By the dawning face

Of Divinity.

Excerpt from The Goal Is Won by Sri Chinmoy.



Is familiar as an old and damaging error
of mine.


Is familiar as an old and brave friend
of mine.


Is familiar as an old and shameless enemy
of mine.


Is familiar as an old
and yet eternally old captain

of mine.

Excerpt from The Goal Is Won by Sri Chinmoy.

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nirmala said...

now the real race begins, I mean where
all other races stop, here this 14 runners get the unique chance to push
further. Christopher, for him will be the first time.