Friday, January 16, 2009

The Saints of Jamaica ave

We are the Saints of Jamaica ave. True we may have far far to go on our earthbound journey but God himself is our eventual goal. And do not forget, all who walk or sit or run are part and parcel of God's creation.


Are you a saint?

Are you a saint?

Then paint my life with your purity-paint.

Are you a fake?

Are you a fake?

Then touch me not,

Wake me not, wake.

Excerpt from A Soulful Cry Versus A Fruitful Smile by Sri Chinmoy.

Everyone who travels on the road searching for Heaven's freedom knows that God's justice is everywhere. But we also believe in God's grace and God's compassion

Compassion and justice

Need each other.

Compassion needs justice

For newness-light.

Justice needs compassion

For oneness-delight.

Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 84 by Sri Chinmoy.

Each and every Saint will one day complete their Godward journey. No matter the weather, no matter the season, no matter which and wherever the road they walk.


A journey to no end

Was my animal life's destruction-journey.

A journey to no end

Is my human life's desire-journey.

A journey to no end

Shall be my divine life's aspiration-journey.

A journey to no end

Shall be my God-life's manifestation-journey.

Excerpt from Europe-Blossoms by Sri Chinmoy.

No one can ever say that this road we walk is easy. Yet no matter how difficult it is we still all must do it. We must please God, we must please the God in us, we must serve the God in everyone.

Easy to cry,

Easy to fly.

Easy to fear,

Easy to spear.

Easy to sow,

Easy to grow.

Easy to think,

Easy to sink.

Excerpt from From The Source To The Source by Sri Chinmoy.

Are you a Saint as well? Of course you are. We are all Saints. Some have walked very very far and others have just begun their journey. It helps to know, it helps more to try.


Try not to prove.

Try to improve.

Try not to grow.

Try to glow.

Excerpt from Sound Becomes, Silence Is by Sri Chinmoy.

I am still learning what are the important things in my life. The material world sometimes seems so very real to me. I also know however that my very own divine world is just within reach on the road I walk. It is by becoming one with my divinity that I will at last find my true freedom and my true Joy.

What is true joy? True joy is man's knowledge of God and God's love for man combined.

Excerpt from Meditations: Food For The Soul by Sri Chinmoy.

The Hour is getting late it is time to awake. Come and walk with us. Come and walk towards God. Celebrate at every moment that God is not just your goal but also that he walks each and every step in and through you.

Wherever I go,

God's Compassion

Walks ahead of me

And His Protection

Walks side by side with me.

Excerpt from My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, Part 8 by Sri Chinmoy.


Ahelee said...

Thank you Utpal... beautiful.
What a GOOD idea to combine Guru's words with the Jamaica Avenue photos and your own thoughts.

This took me back a bit. To think of how the view of the world has changed so much for me over the last 12 years.
And to remember and feel Guru as the sole reason for all the changes.

Happy New Year to you - and all the Saints of Jamaica Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Utpal,

I really liked the post. didn't the people mind getting their photos taken?

very enjoyable and inspiring.



Agragati said...

Beautiful piece! The images and text strikingly show the contrast between our struggling humanity, and a very lofty vision of man's complete embodiment of fulfillment (represented by the beautiful writings of Sri Chinmoy).

Satu said...

Guru's beautiful words come alive alongside the pictures of regular people.
good work, Utpal. very inspiring to see the core of beauty in all.

Anonymous said...

Utpal- a true reminder that we have much more then 5 senses to see and feel with on our life journey

Suchaturi said...

I enjoyed this Utpal. Trying to get beyond appearances and experience God in everyone is the perfect meditation in action.