Sunday, January 11, 2009

After the Snow

It is now a bright new day after last nights snow. For most on this icy morning it is less a matter of shoveling than it is of scraping. A freezing mist came late in the night and coats everything with a slippery and unforgiving layer of ice.

This Dad is chipping at his steps so that his two daughters can go out and play. But they will find even the sidewalk treacherous.

The roads are slippery too but some folks still have to drive. It takes a while to clean windshields both front and back.

The morning is warming up though and the ice is melting fast. In the gutters little streams are starting to flow, gathering strength on their way.

But it will take a lot of sun to make all paths clear.

No matter how hard you scrape it may than still come down to just having to add salt to make the pathway clear.

It is still only Sunday morning and some perform this job of ice scraping with peace and patience.

Some go it alone and some work as a team.

Eventually everyone will come inside once again and get warm. Except for those who never pay much attention to summer and winter's ways.

Do you know

Who man actually is?

Man is God's climbing monkey.

Do you know

Who God actually is?

God is man's descending dove.

Excerpt from Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 25 by Sri Chinmoy.

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