Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Never Give Up

There is nothing more to see at the 3100 mile course these days. In a short while however, it will once again be vibrant, with visitors from around the world. They will run a few laps here, and their footsteps will follow in those of all the great champions, who so recently traveled very far here, both outwardly and inwardly.

Never Give Up

The 3100 mile runners have sacrificed so much here, and yet there is so little to show or prove that they were ever even here. But what our eyes cannot see, surely our hearts will always be able to embrace. Not just today but throughout the mists of time. It is sacred ground, because a divine dream of Sri Chinmoy became a Supreme reality here.

Never Give Up

*music courtesy of Parichayaka


T Z said...

Thank you so much for putting this blog up. I have daily been in awe of the runners staying the course, and never giving up. You are wonderful, full of life, and inspirational.

nirmala said...

Sopan put up a new album in the gallery, I have become home-sick of their faces. If I would see them, I would immediately go to them and congratulate or greet them or at least wave in delight with my arms, they seem so transformed that nothing can harm them, not even a achter-bahn like this. The last videoclip is just a little "suckerl" in comparison to the album, I mean the changes, they now had time to assimilate and merge into a new consciousness Guru's race brings so much changes, but once they are back they become real heroes and they are now out there... ....

Jan said...

I've been incredibly fascinated by these runners and their motivations. That was a wonderful video that sums up, as best as those of us who have not run 3100 miles, what drives these determined individuals to complete their incredible journey.

Jan said...

I've been incredibly fascinated by the motivations and determination of these runners. The video was a wonderful tribute to the runners and really sums up what drives them to complete their incredible journeys.