Monday, March 31, 2008

A Change of Place A Change of Pace

I would be hard pressed to find anything negative to say about our stay in Luxor. Just to leave the great cauldron of humanity, which is Cairo, was a relief in itself.
Here we were provided, courtesy of the Egyptian Athletic federation, hospitality, a van, a guide, and something unexpected, real friendship.

The Horus hotel is just a simple little place, right in center of Luxor. Our hosts brought us here after it had been recommended by our friend in Cairo, Mr.Fahmy.

The federation may have had a special rate, or relationship with the place I do not know. But it was
more than fine.

In the morning there was a simple breakfast on the second floor. The room, though small, had a real bathroom.

By this time clothes needed cleaning and we had this done here at a reasonable price.

This is around the corner from the hotel. It is just construction going on. A lot is happening in this small town. A swell of tourists come here for the spectacular antiquities. The infrastructure is trying to keep up.

If you were staying in a fine resort, enclosed in 5 star comfort you might not see this. Or only in your horse cart as you drive by.

Our first morning in Luxor turned into a relaxing get to know you session.

we went to a new library, and then we went for tea. In North Africa you have tea.....a lot.

The boys wanted to play dominoes.

They are playing with the coach of the local
track club.

He is man who will help us a lot in the next few days. He speaks some English but was uncomfortable about dolling out his limited vocabulary. We had a guide and translator but somethings just do not need translation. There is a sound a domino makes when it is slapped down on the board. There is no sound as friendship builds between strangers who cannot speak the same language.

Later I will take a break and look out our window. There is a small balcony overlooking the street. But across the street, between my toes is the splendor of the Temple of Luxor. We will be here for several days and despite the fact it was just there, across the road, we will not have time to enter.

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